Self-care is mandatory likewise car care is, just follow a few basic tips and maintain your vehicle from your home. The quarantine and work from home orders continue to prevail which means the vehicle will stay in the garage for a longer duration. Longer the car remains idle chances are it will give rise to various consequences.

We’ve narrowed the things to take care also provide simpler solutions to avoid further damages in your vehicle.


The most powerful element of the vehicle when left unused for a long duration can rust the surface of brakes. If they’re not being used, brake pads led to the binding. There are chances of your vehicle staying in the parking lot for a longer duration, repair the brakes, and also whenever possible use the vehicle.


If not used battery can be discharged and at the time when you need to step out, it requires force to start. It is advisable to disconnect the battery if your vehicle going to stay idle for a long time.


Flat tires are the major area of concern if the vehicle stays in the garage for months or so on. It leads to flat tires as the weight of the vehicle directly comes to tire and it flats the rubber present on the tire.

The main cause of flat tires is low pressure and weather conditions which can inflate the tire. Check tire pressure and inflate air accordingly.

Car Paint Going Off

During amid lockdown, the vehicle is parked outside it is likely to get dust, bird droppings, leaves, water, and other likely things which can damage the vehicle’s exterior as well as paint. It is advisable to cover your vehicle from car cover or park vehicle at covered place or garage.

Rats In The Car

The pest issues have been faced by the majority of the population which requires few steps to prevent parking areas from the entering of rats. Check your vehicle under the hood to make sure the wires or belt are intact before you got to be a part of any uncertainty.

Storage Of Gas

Fuels can affect the longevity of the vehicle also if they are not filled can end dry and incur trouble at the time of driving. If your vehicle will be staying in the garage for more than 3 months, fill the tank as it prevent moisture inside and the seals won’t dry out and retain rust.

Drive The Car

The best way to keep yourself out of all these troubles simply drives the car. It is advisable to drive the vehicle for 20 minutes in every two weeks.  This will warm up tires, avoid flat tires, wear and tear in brakes, fluids won’t be dried out and car will be in a better condition.

Servicing Of The Vehicle

The pandemic has led to due vehicle services and routine maintenance which requires the attention of the certified technician to manage the vehicle. The dealerships are operating their business if you wish to receive the services that you can do at home.

Book A Service Appointment

Don’t visit uninformed to car dealerships or service centers as they’re operating in less working hours than usual. Book appointments according to your services they’ll give you the time to maintain social distancing and make the place crowded for services.

Stay If It’s Safe Otherwise Go Home

The car services require more time, wait if you see social distancing has been followed and it is safe to stay otherwise opt for home-delivery and go home be safe. Instruct the service person to disinfect the car before they hand over the vehicle to avoid the contamination of the virus.

Disinfect The Vehicle For Safety

It’s good to take extra precautions than to be caught by the virus outbreak.  Disinfect the area where exposure chances are maximum to ensure safety.