DIY Blog to Change the Headlight of the Car

DIY Blog to Change the Headlight of the Car

Are there any problems with your headlights?  Well, we at Auto Service Center got you all covered!  Did your headlines recently Burned out? Got hit by some other vehicle on the road? Or, you were just being careless while parking? It means you need a headlight replacement right now! Do not delay that. The more time you will take in order to get the headlight fixed more are the chances that you will not be able to drive better at night or get into an accident but surely with the possibilities of some traffic police pulling over you.

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You must be thinking, why go to any neighborhood mechanic or service center when you can fix that on your own, right? I mean it’s not a big deal at all.

Because no matter how fancy the vehicle and the wheels are if the headlight isn’t working, it won’t seem welcoming at all. So let’s start quickly without any further ado with the DIY blog of how, when, and what to go for!

  • Make sure you get the right size of bulb for your vehicle which your local Auto parts store will provide you.

Starting with, what type of bulb you should go for:  Think Wisely!

  • The one which can cover a large or wide distance so that you can see far down the road. As it will help you in reacting and responding quickly in the dark.
  • Most of you might not be aware of the color temperature: As there are some bulbs which give the cooler white or some giving the warmer white. The cooler white will of course be having the more clarity and great contrast specifically for the reflective surfaces. For example, the roads and the lines of roads.
  • Bulb life is also a major point needs to be kept in mind that how long a bulb will last.

Now starting with “actually” replacing the broken or burn-out headlights

Locating The Holder of Headlight

We can easily locate the bulb from the compartment of the engine but not directly from the front of the car. It can be done by opening the hood of the car and locating the headlight near the front of the vehicle which will be in the holder of the bulb (of course connected with the power having three wires which lead to the bulb).

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Next Step Is Little Technical As It Contains Removing The Power Wires

These wires are basically attached to a plug that is surrounded are the base of the headlight and fixed with the plastic catch, a clip of metal, and a screw cap. This also varies depending on various vehicles.

  • The small lever at the top is present on the plastic catch, we have to push that down and pull the plug out.
  • After that, while dealing with the metal clip, we can pull it away and we have to be conscious of holding it onto while pulling.
  • Next is handling the screw cap; we have to unscrew it just by turning it counterclockwise.
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Finally Removing The Old or Broken Bulb

As we have already disconnected the power wires, the bulb can be taken out easily. We can remove the back of the headlight holder and remove the old bulb just by taking support from the base. (In some vehicles we might have to rotate the bulb as it varies)

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Installing The New Bulb In The Headlight

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We don’t want our oils present on the skin to get on the bulb. So we need to handle it carefully by cleaning it with the tissue, gloves, or alcohol (whatever present). Just stick the bulb on the base of the plug and you can get the idea if it is installed correctly or not. If the gasket rubber of the bulb will be covered completely, it means we can put the headlight holder back by plugging the power wires in it. We can just test the bulb by turning headlights on. And if got yourself in some serious trouble, you know we are here to help you!