Seasonal Advices: Spring/Winter/Summer for your cars

Seasonal Advices: Spring/Winter/Summer for your cars

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After the winters go away and we leave our hibernating period it is finally that time of the year, where we can go out and have some adventure in the sunshine. This can be done by any means like some weekend trips, going to cottage, vacations, or family time. So, what do we need?  We mean the ones to reach our destination, travel, or take a long drive. Well yes, that’s our “Car!”  But as the car needs to be protected from the Icy conditions or cold of winter, they need to be taken care of their wear and tear in springtime also. While taking the family on a road it should be our priority to check if the car is in good shape and condition to work safely and efficiently. We need to be sure about that, right?

So here are some seasonal tips specifying with spring season first:

  • Changing the oil and its filter is very necessary at regular intervals of time as it is the best way to keep the engine running trouble-free. This can really affect the engine, as oil can really affect the performance of the engine as well as vehicle later needing more consumption of fuel and it can also cause serious damage to the engine.
  • Replacing the blades of the wipers: if the blades of wipers are cracked or torn then the ceaseless showers in spring can lead to reduced visibility.
  • Fixing the windshield: even if the fine and good quality of sand and rocks are used on the Icy roads, the owner of the vehicle ends-up with cracks and chips on their windshields which may not seem like a big deal but it can literally damage the effect of airbags, seat belts, the stability of the roof, decrease the personal safety, if any course of accident happens.
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  • When the temperature is cool it can really hard or damage the rubber so it is very necessary to check belts and hoses for the purpose of damage. They should be checked for the purpose of hardening, cracking, blistering, leaking, and should be replaced with the pulleys andtensional in order to avoid the new belt from slipping.
  • There are a variety of filters in the car, so before taking that quick ride on the road it is essential to check the filters, which are present in engine cabin fuel and can reduce the damage or clogging situation.


Talking about the “most astonishing time of the year“, winters! Quite a tough time for the cars and owners too. Though it is well said that it’s never too late or never too early to take your car outside on the road no matter what this season with its cool breeze throwson you. Which quiet aggravates us to make a list of some tips in order to make your car winter-ready and also taking care of it throughout the cold season.

  • Frequent checks and the tires in winter: Ever heard about the winter tires? Well, they are the most obvious steps in order to make initial preparation: Tires can create a difference in the performance of driving and keeping you safe on the icy roads also. Frequent check is needed to be done in order to observe if they are in a good tread and not inflated.
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  • Washing the car in winter: the snow, ice, salt, sand, and slush also comes with those freeze winds. We do not really think about washing our cars in winter, like obviously it’s already cold, right? But it is very necessary to give a good wash and waxing before the build-up starts. The technical reason behind this is: it will help in preventing the rust which will occur that too without no continuous care. The owner should always be concern about the area around Tires and the front grille if the builder becomes uncontrollable.
  • Heaters are less in the winter season in order to escape from the cold outside, it becomes all warm and cozy. What if it is the same as outside and the heat won’t flare, it will make us saying like, WHAT? So it is recommended that we should get our heaters checked before the winter season even kicks in, as it will create an impact on the frosting mechanism which terms to occur on the windshield of the car and prevent us from getting the safe view of the road.
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  • Checking over the radiators: The liquid could easily freeze and become solid if the radiator is not filled with the antifreeze substance, as it could even cause leakage and lead to the failure of transmission.
  • Try to start the car once in a week if you are not the regular driver because the engine needs to be warm up in order to work in a good condition which will even make sure that the fluid in the car is moving around.
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  • Before the winter season swoops in and makes us all dumbstruck, it is necessary to check the battery of the vehicle in order to make sure that it is fully charged and of course in a good condition.


It’s not easy to protect our car from the scorching heat of the sun which can cause literal and crucial damage to car parts which can even result in a further breakdown of them. Just like any similar machine the vehicles also need maintenance so here are some tips and tricks in order to shield and make them ready for summers.

  • Summers are all about heat, torridness, and fierceness so the cooling system of them can be prevented by coolants and liquids to be fueled in the engine.

Trick: Adding of 50/50 mix of both the water and the antifreeze.

Being very cautious while opening the cap of the radiator after the engine has completely cooled off.

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  • The saviour in the sizzling heat of the sun is our air conditioner of car: it is a pleasure on a different comfort level but also requires regular maintenance.

Trick: presently there are air filters that can help in cleaning the air conditioning system of the car by entering into them.

  • The performance of the tires: the heat or hot weather and noise the surface of the tire by making them weak and disturbing their structural integrity. 8000 km run is the recommended distance to check for the alignment of the wheel. An increase in the sidewall flexing can buildup heat because the under-inflated is more susceptible.

Trick: uneven wear and tear cuts on the sidewalls and checking the condition of the carjack tool kit and spare tire.

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  • Heat can make the brakes fade away or any immediate action should be taken if any abnormal noise or longer breaking time with pulsations and grabbing is noticed.
  • Batteries can easily die by the rate of 33 % faster than normal due to excess of heat as they also increase or speed up the rate of corrosion.
  • In the summertime, the engine oil operates at the level of higher temperature which can eventually cause the oil to lose its viscosity more quickly.

Trick: opt for oil with high viscosity grade.